The Paper Bag Company Annual Report



The goal of this annual report is to convey to shareholders, investors and donors the financial status and performance of a business. These also have to be user-friendly for the employees, customers and investors of the company as well. So, the challenge is to take these statements and make them stylized and cohesive with the company brand.


  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Indesign

  • Adobe Photoshop


  • One 20 page annual report including graphs and properly handled numbers and statistics that fits the company brand.

Two annual reports stacked on top of each other


For this annual report I wanted to use a lot of diagonal lines to create flow and mimic that idea of projection and heading for the future. I wanted the information to feel very organized and intentional. The content had to be easy to read and understand, and approachable for any type of consumer.


For the body copy I chose FreightText, because it is friendly and approachable while also being easy to read (with its high x-height) and professional. This created a good base for the document. From there, I paired it with FreightSans, knowing that it would complement the serif font since they are in the same family. They both have a high x-height, which also adds cohesiveness to the document.

Colourful moodboard for the annual report, including teal and pink inspirations


After having an idea of my direction, I began sketching. I went through a lot of different layout ideas. A lot. In the end, I went with a clean feel with those consistent diagonal lines. I wanted the images to work with the content, rather than just being put beside it.

Two sketches showing potential grid formations and page layouts


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