Art Factory Rebrand



The Art Factory is a small art supply store based in Renfrew, ON. As a business they are very hands on, providing art classes as well as one on one artistic advice to beginners in fine arts. This project included a new logo, stationary and product mockups.

The objective of this project was to create two logo options to better fit the brand and the target market. A decision would then be made about the final logo, and stationary created from there. The target audience being anyone, often teenagers, that are beginners in art. My challenge was to design a brand to target this market while keeping an industrial, professional and friendly feel.


  • Adobe InDesign

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop


  • Realized brand (colours, typography, etc.)

  • Final logo

  • Stationary set using new brand

  • Brand guide

Floating white mug with Art Factory logo


Previous Art Factory logo


Current Art Factory logo


I took a lot of inspiration from the idea of a factory. Brick textures, browns, gears, machinery, greys, dark colours - very industrial, but still artistic. That image of art being created in this “factory”, where creativity is abundant like its on a huge system of conveyor belts. That’s what I was going for.

A mindmap and moodboard for Art Factory
Closeup of two sketches showing dozens of various logo options


As for the type, I chose Brandon Grotesque because it feels very modern and clean. It reinforced the professionality of the brand while also being approachable, for the teenage target market. The typeface has many weights, which is essential in choosing a brand font that will work across all mediums. It is also easy to read at small sizes, which is ideal for a logo’s wordmark.

Colour Palette

As for the colour palette, I decided that this Pantone blue colour would work best. It feels very modern and professional. This complements the logo itself being a factory, by contrasting that industrial image with something that is more clean and sleek. This really brings the brand to the next level. Secondary and accent colours were also chosen to further increase the effectiveness of the brand.


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