Ethical Bean Marketing Campaign



Ethical Bean is a Canadian coffee company that prides itself on being organic, fair trade and 100% traceable. This project consists of a poster set of 3, two web banners, a bus ad, and Instagram and Facebook integration mockups.

The objective of this project is to create a marketing campaign that stays true to the ethics and brand of Ethical Bean Coffee. Using creative marketing skills, creativity, technological know-how and research tactics, a series of pieces was created to portray the products sold by the company as well as their mission (sustainability, simplicity). This solution will result in increased product sales, increased brand awareness and a cohesive advertising campaign that represents the values of the company.


  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe InDesign

  • Adobe Photoshop


  • Three 11” by 17” print ads

  • Horizontal and vertical web banners

  • Bus stop advertisements

  • Example mockup of Instagram posts

  • Example Facebook page using campaign elements

Pink poster on a black display stand

Target Audience

The target audience consists of people that are conscientious and aware of where their products come from. They are adults who care about their carbon footprint and being eco-friendly as much as possible in their day to day life. Coffee is a regular part of their regular routine. This coffee has a positive outward impact, which is an important feature to the target audience

Innovation and Memorability

This advertising campaign has an element of memorability because it takes a different approach than typical coffee advertisements. Using the different layers of paper, it represents the ethics and transparency of the company. They allow for consumers to track exactly where their coffee has gone to get to the shelves, so this advertising campaign is fitting because it shows the customer you can see what you are getting, from cup to bean — with no mysteries. It has a hand-crafted feel rather than relying on photography. This not only reinforces the simplicity and intention of the brand but sets it apart from the competitors.

A colourful moodboard for Ethical Bean Coffee and a sketch of poster ideas


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