Holiday Cookbook



This cookbook challenged my typographic skills. The objective was to take all of this text and format it in a classy, professional manner. The target of the cookbook being women over 50, I wanted to go for a classic and elegant design that still incorporated nostalgic elements of the holidays.


  • Adobe InDesign


  • One 80 page cohesive holiday cookbook

Holiday Cookbook open to a recipe page for red velvet cake

Sketches and Grid

For the grid, things got pretty exciting. Depending on who you ask - and how you feel about baseline. Aligning the content to baseline makes everything line up in a satisfyingly sophisticated way - which is aligned well with the goal of the project. If you’d love to know, I often use a 6 column by 12 row grid, because they both divide evenly by 2 and 3.

Two sketches for cookbook page layouts


As far as typeface, I started with the body copy. For that, I chose Calluna. This serif font is classy and has that elegant feel I was looking for. It felt like a font that would have nice posture. Thus, it worked well for this cookbook. To pair with it, I chose Granville because of the slight variation in weight in its forms that kept that classy look without taking away from the main heading nor being too hard to read. To add that last bit of elegance, I used Tangier for the largest headings.

Colour Palette

The colour palette that I chose for this project needed to be holiday themed, but stray away from feeling juvenile. In the end I went with the classic red and green with bits of brown, but used more subdued and “grown-up” versions of the colours. This allowed for a holiday theme without taking away from the sophisticated  aesthetic.


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