Body Positive Sticker Set



The goal of this project was to design an influential and impactful sticker set that targets young (preteen to teen) girls and encourages self-love and confidence in a creative way. These stickers would be lettering of songs that evoke confidence and empowerment. This product would involve 6 stickers, one complimentary poster and the outward packaging\branding. The stickers were to have Spotify Codes (similar to QR Codes) incorporated in, so that each sticker can be scanned and will link directly to the song that it references the lyrics to!


  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop


  • Six 3” by 3” glossy stickers

  • 9” by 12” mini-poster art

  • 3.25” by 4” packaging for stickers

  • 3” by 3” card of resources for more info on body positivity

A die cut sticker with hand drawn typography of the lyrics, "I am a goddess, I am a queen," by Jessie J


I started by choosing the songs that the stickers would reference. Then I began testing layout, fonts and styles. The idea was to keep them consistent and fun, and naturally incorporate the Spotify Codes. I also ideated what I had in mind for packaging — something eye catching and unique.

Three sketches fanned out, showing the construction of the art for the stickers


For the body copy I chose FreightText, because it is friendly and approachable while also being easy to read (with its high x-height) and professional. This created a good base for the document. From there, I paired it with FreightSans, knowing that it would complement the serif font since they are in the same family. Simple! They both have a high x-height, which also adds cohesiveness to the document. The packaging pulls elements and fonts from the illustrations to feel cohesive and harmonious.

Square inserts with blue patterning on the outside

Spotify Codes

The Spotify Codes were a really fun element of this project. By linking a specific song and creating a Spotify Code, the user just has to pull up Spotify, tap the camera beside the search bar and scan the code. Then they are taken right to the song! I wanted to add this extra element of interactivity to make the product stand out but also to encourage word of mouth. Girls tell other girls about this cool song, they scan the sticker, and suddenly that’s double the people talking about these self-love stickers.

Colour Palette

Of course because of my target audience, I wanted to keep the colour palette fun, feminine, youthful and energetic, but not too overpowering. The challenge was making sure not to go too juvenile with the colours to ensure that the users wouldn’t be too embarrassed to use the stickers at all.


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