Hot House Advertising Set



Hot House is an event in which various 10 minute plays, written by Algonquin College students from the Scriptwriting Program, are read live in front of an audience. This project included the creation of a poster, program cover, postcard and sticker as an advertising set.

The goal of this project was to convey the theme and meaning behind the event Hot House through advertising elements. This is done through a poster, postcard, sticker and program cover. The event included 10 minute plays, written by Algonquin College students from the Scriptwriting Program, being read live in front of an audience. The pieces had to be cohesive and representative of the event, though the plays themselves varied greatly in theme\characters\setting\etc.


  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Indesign

  • Adobe After Effects

  • EyeJack


  • 11” by 17” poster

  • 5.5” by 8.5” program cover

  • 5.75” by 3.75” postcard

  • 2” by 2” sticker

A pink postcard design beside a dark pink envelope


With just a vast subject matter, coming up with an idea to tie it all together was a challenge. In order to solve this, focus was put on the core of the event: creativity. The graphic represents the creative process, where it can start with just a pencil on paper (scriptwriting), but can blossom and grow into something that stands on its own (a play) — like a tree.

A sketch with thumbnails and notes; trees, petals and word placement exploration


The integration of EyeJack was meant to create interactivity with the set, to make the pieces that much more memorable and increase interest in the event. This was done by connecting videos of the roots of the graphic growing into place to the individual pieces through the EyeJack app. For the sticker, a video of a moving gradient was created and connected.

Hot House poster in a frame


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